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artist@museum - Jen Liu


Jen Liu *1976


What are your origins?
Taiwanese, born in USA

Officially, you are a citizen of which country?

Where are the places that you have lived for more than 6 months?
In historical order:
Setauket, Long Island, New York
Oberlin, Ohio
Brooklyn, New York
Los Angeles, California
Amsterdam, NL
Stuttgart, DE

Where do you live and work right now?
Brooklyn, New York

Is [the country you are living in now] your final destination? If not, then where else?
Check back in 40 years

Name 3 changes you would like to see of Switzerland? (please answer even if you don’t live in Switzerland)
a. Stop charging so much customs at the border for art
b. Decorate the zurich airport with pictures
c. Problems that I do not know well enough to address

If you are living elsewhere, name 3 changes you would like to see of that country you are living in now.
a. Nationalise television and turn it off from 9pm-4pm. People are passive, underinformed and undereducated vegetables
b. Levy huge taxes on gas, to invest in public transportation infrastructure
c. Socialize healthcare

What is your favourite recipe?
Macaroni and cheese

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