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Shifting Identities goes to Vilnius, Lithuania in 2009

Posted by annie 2September 10:29 PM

CAC (Contemporary Art Center), Vilnius, Lithuania

10 April - 24 May, 2009

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exhibition@museum - Vittorio Santoro

Posted by annie 15August 10:28 AM

exhibition@museum - Anne-Lise Coste

Posted by annie 15August 10:27 AM

A late spontaneous addition ..

exhibition@museum - Latifa Echakhch

Posted by annie 15August 10:25 AM

exhibition@museum - Didier Rittener

Posted by annie 15August 10:18 AM

exhibition@museum - Adel Abdessemed

Posted by annie 16July 12:28 AM

exhibition@museum - Fucking Good Art

Posted by annie 16July 12:27 AM

movie provided by Nienke of Fucking Good Art

exhibition@museum - Goran Galic / Gian-Reto Gredig

Posted by annie 16July 12:22 AM

exhibition@museum - Jules Spinatsch

Posted by annie 16July 12:22 AM

exhibition@museum - Johannes Gees

Posted by annie 16July 12:21 AM

exhibition@museum - Anne-Julie Raccoursier

Posted by annie 1July 2:58 PM

exhibition@museum - Elodie Pong

Posted by annie 1July 2:57 PM

exhibition@museum - Ingrid Wildi

Posted by annie 1July 2:56 PM

exhibition@museum - Keren Cytter

Posted by annie 1July 2:52 PM

exhibition@museum - Mircea Cantor

Posted by annie 30June 5:18 PM

exhibition@museum - Pawel Althamer & Artur Zmijweski

Posted by annie 30June 5:14 PM

exhibition@museum - Pamela Rosenkranz

Posted by annie 30June 5:14 PM

exhibition@museum - Shahryar Nashat

Posted by annie 30June 5:14 PM

exhibition@museum - Isabelle Krieg

Posted by annie 23June 8:13 AM

exhibition@museum - Alon Levin

Posted by annie 23June 8:13 AM

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