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Intro : Performance@Museum – Alexandra Bachzetsis

Posted by annie 14April 3:01 PM

Alexandra Bachzetsis performing ‘Gold’
at the Kabinett, Kunsthaus Zurich, Wednesday 9 April 2008 19.30hrs

Wednesday, 9. April, 18.30h

A huge crowd gathered in the Kabinett of the Kunsthaus for the performances first by Yan Duyvendak and then Alexandra Bachzetsis.

Yan Duyvendak – Made in Paradise (Fragmente)
photos of Yan’s performance here

Alexandra Bachzetsis – Gold
photos of Alexandra’s performance here

Video of both performances coming soon on podcast.

Video of lecture (Abbt & Bauer) is podcasted on iTunes. You can now find the link to download on previous Abbt& Bauer posting. Due to some technical hitches there was a longer than expected delay. Sorry for that.

Wednesday, 9. April, 18.30h

1. Alexandra Bachzetsis – Gold
In her aptly titled solo performance Gold, Alexandra Bachzetsis continues to explore the proverbial gold standard of the libidinal economy that buttresses contemporary visual culture - the erotocized, empowered female body. Propelled, among others, by a riveting dance track courtesy of Missy Elliott, Kelis and Khia - a potent symbol of sex-laden female power in her own right - Gold deftly plays around the ambiguous choreographic vernacular of hiphop and R&B: a black-and-tan tits-and-ass show complete with the obligatory sprinkling of gold dust, Bachzetsis’ solo piece offers a powerful and fully embodied reflection on dance culture, visual pleasure and the commodification of fantasy.
Concept and Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Artistic advice: Danai Anesiadou, David Blum, Lies van Borm
Text: Dieter Roelstraete
Photo: Danai Anesiadou
Production: Helga Duchamps
Supported by Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland

2. Yan Duyvendak – Made in Paradise (Fragmente)
Concept: Yan Duyvendak and Nicole Borgeat
With: Omar Ghayatt and Yan Duyvendak
Set design: Sylvie Kleiber


Intro : Artist@Museum – Alexandra Bachzetsis

Posted by annie 12March 12:36 AM

Alexandra Bachzetsis

Alexandra Bachzetsis 1974* (Performance)

Performance date: Wednesday, 9 April 2008, 18.30h
performance with Yan Duyvendak
Location: Kunsthaus Zürich, Heimplatz 1


What are your origins?
Half Greek, half Swiss

Officially, you are a citizen of which country?
Switzerland, and Greece

Where are the places that you have lived for more than 6 months?
Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich

Where do you live and work right now?
Zürich, Gent

Is [the country you are living in now] your final destination?
If not, then where else?
The cities: Paris,Brussels, New York, Buenos Aires and some places at the sea in Greece

Name 3 changes you would like to see of Switzerland? (please answer even if you don’t live in Switzerland)
a. It is located at the sea
b. My friends from Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels live here
c. Taking pubilc transport is for free

What is your favourite recipe?
Nüsslisalat with egg and spätzli with fried onions…with out pepper!!!