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exhibition@museum - Georg Gatsas

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artist@museum - Georg Gatsas

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Georg Gatsas *1978


What are your origins?
Half Swiss, half Greek

Officially, you are a citizen of which country?
Switzerland, Greece

Where are the places that you have lived for more than 6 months?
NYC, USA. Switzerland

Where do you live and work right now?
NYC, USA. Switzerland. I am going back and forth. Right now in Switzerland

Is [the country you are living in now] your final destination?
I don’t know. I am not at the end of my life yet (I hope so)

If not, then where else?
I don’t know yet. There will be personal and global changes in the future anyway

Name 3 changes you would like to see of Switzerland? (please answer even if you don’t live in Switzerland)
a. No more racist politics and laws and better integration for immigrants
b. Higher taxes for cars, people should make more use of the train system. And other ecological changes
c. Less sarcastic humour and hypocritical behaviour in Switzerland’s society. And more awareness of the short duration of life and death

If you are living elsewhere, name 3 changes you would like to see of that country you are living in now.
I live sometimes in NYC, so here are the answers:
a. Better health care system
b. Better social system
c. Much better concern for the environment worldwide

What is your favourite recipe?
I have different tastes, my favourite food is Japanese, Indian, Italian, Greek food. And Greek, Italian and Austrian desserts. It has to be vegetarian though